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Please read instructions before clicking on the Protect Youth Sports link.


Step 1.     Check the PVAHA Screened Volunteer Database to see if you have a current background screening.  If your name is listed, you are current and do not need another background screening. PVAHA Screened Volunteer Database

All coaches must have an application in prior to going on the ice or a bench for the first time. A background check is only good for two years. The fee for the background check is $10.00 and must be completed by all coaches. (Not reimbursed by the club) 

Step 2.     Know your USA Hockey Association Registration Number.  MDH0050

Step 3.     (Coaches)  Coach CEP Number.  If you do not know your CEP Number, go to the USA Hockey CEP Certification List. USAH Coaches Certificate List

Step 4.     Know your valid USA Hockey Online Registration Confirmation Number.  If you do not know your Confirmation Number, follow the USA Hockey Registration link.

If not already registered with USA Hockey for the 2013/14 season, follow the steps to initiate your registration.  Non coach volunteers can register with USA Hockey for free.

Step 5.     Follow the Sport Ngin Background Screening  Web site link.

  • This opens a page to Sport Ngin, you can either Login if returning or Sign Up if you are new.
  • Click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.
  • Who are you registering? Confirm that the correct name appears and click Continue.
  •  page with a listing of PVAHA Member Associations.  Select your association.  If coaching with 2 clubs pick your primary association.​
  • After selecting a PVAHA Member Association a subpage will open on the right showing a list of available volunteer positions (i.e. coach, team manager, locker room monitor etc.).
  • Select an appropriate position and a new page will open with fields for entry of identification information.  Provide the information requested and click  next.
  • The final page will ask several questions including a)your USA Hockey online registration number, b)coach CEP number and c)several DMV questions.​
  • Complete your application.