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Travel Tryouts begin on Saturday the 29th. We acknowledge that this can be a very stressful time for many and, with this in mind, we like to give you a few tips and answer a few Frequently Asked Questions to help set your minds at ease.

Tips for Players:

  1. Get a good night's sleep prior to tryouts. Additionally, eat a healthy meal and don't forget to hydrate before and during your tryouts. Check and double-check your bag before leaving home to ensure you have everything you need.

  2. Players must sign themselves in at the check-in table when you enter the rink through the hockey players' entrance. Give your name at the check-in table and you will be provided with a helmet pinny that you must wear throughout tryouts. No helmet pinnies will be issued to parents. Pinnies are to be returned after each tryout session.

  3. Come to tryouts prepared to skate. When on the ice, execute each drill to the best of your ability. If you have questions about a drill, ask. We want you to succeed. Make an effort to skate hard and try your best!

  4. Be positive and have fun! Regardless of the outcome, while you're on the ice, focus on having fun and doing your best. Remember that sportsmanship is important too.

Tips for Parents:

  1. We will have a very brief meeting at the start of your child’s first tryout session during which we will discuss their goals and expectations for tryouts and the forthcoming season.

  2. The bleachers will be used solely by the evaluators; parents may sit in the warm room or, if you'd like to watch, you may stand along the boards. The home and away benches are off limits. To minimize your child's stress level, please refrain from coaching them from the sidelines. Remember, this is a stressful time for many players. Allow your son or daughter to focus on the coaches and drills and give them a pat on the back for a job well done when they come off the ice.

  3. If, at any time during or after the tryouts, you would like to discuss the process, please email, VP of Travel, at  . Please do not attempt to raise questions with the coaches or evaluators during the tryouts as their primary focus should be on the players.

  4. Please ensure your registration fee of $450 is paid in full. Players will not be given a helmet pinny or allowed on the ice until any balance is paid.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How will I know if my child has been rostered on a travel team?

~All players who are selected for a travel team will be contacted by the team head coach by email or phone no later than 72 hours after all tryouts for all ages have concluded. Teams will be posted on the website after all players on all teams have been contacted.

  1. What are our options within the Bowie Hockey Club if my child is not placed on a team?

~Bowie Hockey Club has a thriving and successful Recreational Hockey program. If desired, you may register your player for Recreational Hockey where they will continue to learn game concepts, skills, and team and individual techniques. 

  1. Will my child automatically be registered for the Recreational program if they are not chosen for a travel team?

~No, parents must register their children for the Rec program starting on May 1 for returning BHC members and on June 1 for new BHC members. 

  1. My child has only played Spring Hockey at Bowie; (s)he has never played for BHC during the regular season. Does that mean, if my child is not rostered on a travel team, I must wait until June 1 to register them for the BHC Recreational Hockey?

~No, if your child has previously registered for a BHC program, regardless of whether it is Instructional, Spring, or regular-season hockey, they are eligible to register for Rec hockey beginning on May 1.

  1. My child is only trying out for the top level team in his/her division. What should I do to ensure the Club Head Coach and VP of Travel are aware of this?

~A player/parent should notify the Club Head Coach, Jason Wanner, or the VP of Travel, Jim Marszalek, prior to the first tryout session, that (s)he is only trying out for the top travel team in their age group. If the player is not placed on that travel team during tryouts, (s)he will not be placed on any other team. These cuts may occur at any time following the first tryout session.

  1. Why was my child given a yellow pinny and a player from his 2016-17 team was given a red pinny?

~Pinny colors have no bearing on placement or skill; all players are assigned pinny colors and numbers at random.