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BHC Guidelines for Returning to Hockey at BOWIE ICE ARENA - JULY 2020

 A PDF of this information can be downloaded here. Please note that this page may be updated at any time, and will supercede any previous downloads. Please refer here for the most up to date information.

We are excited to welcome our skating family back to the Bowie Ice Arena (BIA)!

Bowie Hockey Club (BHC) is beginning a phased approach to initiating the 2020-2021 hockey season.  To ensure the safety and health of our athletes and families we have instituted new policies aligned with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State of Maryland, Prince George’s County, USA Hockey and Ice Sports Industry (ISI) guidelines.

The BIA staff has been trained on approved cleaning methods, the use of PPE, social distancing guidelines and how best to communicate effectively and consistently with our BHC family.

BIA will disinfect frequently touched surfaces after each scheduled activity or at least once every two hours, following CDC guidelines. BIA Management has increased air flow into the building by adjusting the “fresh air” or “outside air” controls.

Locker rooms, water fountains and vending machines are not available during the initial phases of the re-opening.

The Café will not be open AND no outside food is permitted.

Pro Skate is open for business with restrictions. Skate and equipment fitting is by appointment only. Please call 301-249-8970.

Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility in the lobby, office area, rink area and meeting rooms.

Signage is posted throughout the facility and MUST be followed by all individuals in the arena. These rules will be enforced by BIA staff and BHC Board members.

COVID-19 RULES for BHC Players, Coaches and Parents

  1. BHC will require online pre-registration of activities and payment to adhere to capacity limits. 
  2. WEAR face coverings at all times.  Coaches, athletes and parents are not permitted to remove face coverings while inside the rink.
  3. MAINTAIN 6-feet of social distancing.
  4. UTILIZE hand sanitizing stations or wash hands for 20 seconds after touching any surfaces.
  5. ENTER through the front door and EXIT through the hockey entrance.
  6. SUBMIT to temperature and wellness checks.  (Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater or answers yes to any of the health questions, will not be allowed to enter the facility. Everyone in the group will not be allowed to enter the facility.)
  7. SIGN the City of Bowie waiver, PROVIDE contact email and phone numbers and AGREE to contact tracing, if needed. 
  8. Per the Governor of Maryland anyone who does travel out of state should immediately get tested and self-quarantine while awaiting test results.



  1. Must come dressed in full gear, excluding skates and helmet.  Skates can be put on in the lobby with appropriate social distancing.  ***Goalies will be permitted to put their pads on in the meeting room while maintaining distancing guidelines and wearing masks.***
  2. Skaters should maintain social distancing. For hockey players an easy way to remember proper social distancing is to hold out your stick out and circle 360 degrees and not touch another player.
  3. Only Water Bottles clearly marked with name and Street Shoes can be brought into BIA. No bags or personal belongings should be brough inside the rink as they may not be stored in the Lobby.   
  4. No spitting on the ice or in the bench area. No handshakes, high fives, hugs, horseplay or other celebratory contact. Players violating these rules will be removed from the facility.
  5. At the end of the session, chairs and benches located in the rink area can be used to remove skates and helmet.
  6. Exit immediately through the Hockey Entrance.
  7. BHC will not have loaner equipment available and athletes will NOT be permitted to share equipment.
  8. There will be no lost and found. Articles left in the facility will be disposed of.


  1. All coaches must always wear a mask or gaiter at ALL times.
  2. Coaches will be responsible for maintaining social distancing of 6 feet when players are on the ice and leaving the ice. When available, coaches will use electronic whistles.
  3. When on the ice Coaches must wear gloves, helmet and face covering.


  1. Parents are welcome and encouraged but are expected to abide by ALL posted guidelines; including wearing face masks at ALL times.
  2. The bleachers may be used abiding distancing guidelines and wear masks.
  3. Capacity limits are determined by the City of Bowie, PG County and the State of Maryland and are subject to change.
  4. Limit of only 1 parent per skater to enter the rink.
  5. Enter no more than 15 minutes prior to scheduled activity through the Front Door and leave immediately following the activity through the Hockey Exit.
  6. No congregating, 6-feet of social distancing is REQUIRED.
  7. No handshakes, high fives or other celebratory contact.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  1. Will the front doors be locked after entry to ensure folks are entering/exiting at the right time/location?
    1. Yes. The front doors will be locked after everyone has entered the lobby for their session. Once inside the lobby, the players will put on skates and when announced may go on ice should remove the mask and put on a helmet and proceed directly to the ice surface with their labeled water bottle.
    2. NOTE: Players and parents should use the restroom while in the lobby as once everyone leaves the lobby no one will be allowed back in the lobby once disinfection is started. The players' parent will take their shoes into the rink and place them on a bench inside the rink. Once all players are on the ice, the lobby will be cleared and no one will be allowed back inside once disinfection starts. If a parent needs to use the restroom, they will have to use the park restrooms outside. Once the ice session is completed, players will go to the bench where shoes are located. Immediately remove helmet, take off skates and put on shoes and exit via the hockey entrance door. The hockey entrance door is locked and can only be used as an exit.
  2. What is the procedure for back to back practices for families with multiple skaters? (10U practice after 8U) – Do they both come in at the same time or do they have to wait until their practice time?
    1. A sibling may attend with a parent but they must exit the lobby when players take the ice and must go through the front entrance when it is the siblings' session time. Siblings must stay with their parents at all times and may not roam the rink alone.


  1. What about parents, will they be allowed to bring in younger siblings to watch their child practice?
    1. Yes. They must stay with the parent at all times and are not allowed to roam the rink alone.


  1. Where will skaters store their shoes while on the ice?
    1. On the benches inside the rink. Parent or player should bring shoes and inside the rink and place on a bench before entering the ice.


  1. Who will assist skaters with tying skates if no parents are present? Can siblings help each other?
    1. Siblings or coaches may assist skaters.


  1. Who will be enforcing the rules for social distancing off the ice?
    1. Bowie Ice Rink staff will make social distancing announcements throughout the duration of the on ice session. If additional volunteers are needed, Lori will discuss with the board and BHC Covid Committee.


  1. What are the repercussions for individuals (both skaters and spectators) who do not follow the social distancing rules?
    1. They will be reminded once and then asked to leave the rink if they do not comply.


  1. Will there be designated areas in the parking lot for dressing skaters when they are unable to arrive already dressed?
    1. No, there will not be any designated areas outside for dressing


  1. Are players allowed to carpool with other team members or BHC club members?
    1. No, BHC strongly discourages families from carpooling


  1. Are masks required at all times while inside the rink for players and coaches?
    1. Yes, masks are now required by Maryland’s Governor per the 31 July mandate for anyone over the age of 5 while inside the Bowie Ice Arena.


Continue to Cover, Clean and Contain.

Cover: Mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

Clean: Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.

Contain: Stay home if sick or if exposed to someone who has been sick.

BHC is a FAMILY, let’s take care of Each Other!