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Here is a list of what you need. There are choices out there for used equipment as well as new. BHC also at times has equipment to loan for the sessions to get you started. 
             You will need the following to play hockey:

                Helmet with face mask
                Shoulder pads
                Elbow Pads
                Shin guards
                Hockey Pants
                Hockey Skates
                Hockey Socks
                Hockey Stick

We can possibly loan gear for the season depending on availability. Please contact   to request sizes.
New equipment can be purchased at the Hockey Shop in the Bowie Ice Arena to have a sales person help fit you correctly.  
SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SKATES!!!! A common issue we see with beginners of all ages is an ill fitting or poor condition pair of skates. If your skates don’t fit and or are incorrect for you, learning and progressing your game will be severely hampered.