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What if I have never skated before? 
Never skated before?  No Problem, the Bowie Ice Arena has an excellent Learn to Skate program where you can progress through skating lessons and be advanced to a team when you are ready. If you eventually wish to play hockey, then join the Future Bruins Prospects program. 

Am I going to be an aggravation to more advanced players on the ice? 
Absolutely not!  We welcome everyone and you will see that our teams and skating programs have a wide range of skill levels on the ice.  You will fit right in.  We work hard to help make everyone better and you will find the more skilled players very willing to help you. You will get better much faster than you anticipate.

How do I know when I have progressed enough to advance to league play?
Your skating instructors will advise when they think you are ready to advance to a team.  Once you learn the basics, you will be introduced to a coach to have you progress to his team.  Your fees will even be pro-rated to correspond to when you join the team! 

What are the costs associated with hockey?
While hockey is sometimes viewed as an expensive sport, we do everything we can to keep the costs of hockey affordable for our membership.   As our membership grows the costs for all participants’ decreases.  You will have season fees that cover the cost of your lessons or team fees that cover the costs of your practices and games.  Lesson fees average about $90 per 6-week session for theFuture Bruin Prospects and team fees can range from $500 for younger players to $1600 per season for older players. 

How do I learn the basic rules of ice hockey?
Your membership with USA Hockey is required ($35), but includes a terrific rulebook to help jump start your knowledge of the rules of Ice Hockey.  In addition your instructors and coaches will be reviewing all the necessary rules as a part of the practice plans.

What can I do on my own to begin learning the basics of skating and the game of hockey?
Our season begins in early October and if you want to get started prior to then we encourage you to visit the Bowie Ice Arena.  They have open skating, drop in hockey and other events you can participate in.  Also review www.usahockey.com for an overview of the game and resources to get you started.

Do I need to be a member of USA Hockey to get started?
Yes, you will need to join USA Hockey and can do so on the www.usahockey.com registrationwebsite.