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Updating Your USA Hockey Number


If you did not have your player's current USA Hockey number when you registered on the Bowie Hockey website, you will need to update this information in your players Bowie Hockey registration.   Don't worry --  it's easy to update this information, just follow these quick steps:


1.  Click on the "Edit My Account" field at the bottom of the main navigation menu on the Bowie Hockey home page.


2.  Log in, by entering your email address and password in the sign in screen:


3.  Your family member information will be displayed.   Click on the name of the player to be updated.


4.  Enter the new USA Hockey number into the "USA Hockey Confirmation #" field.  You can use the "Confirmation Lookup" link to find your number on the USA Hockey site.


5.  Click on the SUBMIT button on the bottom of the page and you're done!